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River Guide Jeff
12-13-2009 6:39:08 PM CST

River Report -- Dec. 13 Water temperature down to 34 degrees following a string of sub-freezing days and frigid nights. A couple hardcore guests toughed it out today in an all-day 30-some degree rain. Boated about a dozen walleyes.

River Guide Jeff
12-08-2009 6:34:44 PM CST

River Report -- Dec. 8 Today's catch included the Allegheny River grand slam: walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and muskie. Today's muskie went 41 inches. Water temperature: 39-40 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
12-03-2009 8:21:39 PM CST

River Report -- Dec 3 Another good walleye day on the Forest County portion of the river. Five 'eyes in the 19 to 24 inch range, plus two muskies (in the 30-inch range). Jig-n-minnow today. River temp 42 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
11-29-2009 4:15:55 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 27 Today Dave L. and I fished the Allegheny in Forest County, about a half hour from my Clarion County camp. In four hours we caught eight legal walleyes (and two under-sized) including Dave's 31 inch, 11.25 pound trophy, which he released. Fish caught on Jimmy D's Riverbugs, Galidas Grubz and suspending jerkbaits. Water temperature was 44 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
11-29-2009 4:10:31 PM CST

Fishing Report -- Nov. 26 My buddy Dave L. and I spent the morning on a scouting trip on an Allegheny River tributary. Caught a few nice walleyes and one fat smallie...nice way to start off the Thanksgiving weekend.

River Guide Jeff
11-22-2009 7:43:47 PM CST

River Report -- Nov 22 Caught about 30 smallies during a four-hour afternoon scouting trip. Nice average size; a few in the 18 to 19 inch range. Jimmy D's Riverbugs and Galida's Grubz caught most of the bass.

River Guide Jeff
11-22-2009 7:39:44 PM CST

River Report -- Nov 21 Good numbers of smallmouth and a couple walleyes during a scouting trip on the river. Water level slowly rising...temp around 47 degees. Most of the bass on Jimmy D's Riverbugs; walleyes on jig n minnow.

River Guide Jeff
11-13-2009 7:23:05 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 13 The bite a little finicky under the bright skies in the southern Venango County section of the river. Client and I caught and released 22 smb and one northern. Mostly on tubes and bucktail jigs tipped with Gulp Alive 3-inch minnows. A few on hard jerkbaits. Water temp 47 degrees.

Butch L.
11-10-2009 2:57:22 PM CST

Nov. 9. Fishing up river in Warren Pa. the Oil Refinery area. Water temp 52 degrees. Josh and I caught and released roughly 15-20 fish. Nothing huge. Josh had the biggest fish of the day as seen in the picture. All fish caught on Strike King tubes or Strike King Shimmy Sticks rigged " Shakey Style " on a round ball jig head.

River Guide Jeff
11-09-2009 7:54:29 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 9 What a difference a day, and a overcast skies, can make. We boated about 40 smallies today, along with three walleyes and a northern pike. The bonus fish of the day was a 19-inch sauger. Though common in the lower Allegheny, sauger are rarely found in the much clearer water of the middle Allegheny. The top presentation today was a hair jig tipped with a Gulp Alive minnow.

River Guide Jeff
11-08-2009 6:20:27 PM CST

River Update -- Nov. 8 Catching up on things following a hectic past two weeks. Conditions on the Allegheny have been on a yo-yo. River levels have been up and down, as have water temperatures. Walleye trips during the past couple of weeks have met with marginal success. In general, the water is still not cold enough to have the fish concentrated in wintering holes. Today's bass trip started off fast, but slowed as soon as the sun came up. High pressure and blue skies likely helped retard the bite. We boated a dozen or so smallies, most of which were over 15 inches. A lot of missed/lost fish. Most of the bass taken on tubes. On the plus side, most of the leaves and dead grass has flushed from the river.

River Guide Jeff
10-21-2009 6:48:32 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 21 Things started off with a bang, but slowed a bit once the sun got high. Clients and I boated about 30 smallmouth and one small muskie. Biggest smallmouth 3 pounds, 15 ounces. All the bass on Case Sinkin' Salty Shad fished extremely slow. The fish became tentative after the morning flurry. A lot of missed hits and lost fish.

River Guide Jeff
10-18-2009 6:23:29 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 18 The sun finally came out this afternoon, spurring a scouting trip. Water temp down to 48; level up about a foot from Thursday. Boated 19 smallmouth during a four-hour afternoon trip. Case Sinkin' Salty Shad produced several fish, as did a Renosky H.T. hardbait dressed with a Renosky Teaser Tail skirt (including the day's biggest, a fat 19-incher what went four pound, one ounces).

River Guide Jeff
10-18-2009 6:15:14 PM CST
Fishing Report -- Oct 15 A split day today, with the a.m portion on Kahle Lake for largemouths, and the afternoon session back on the river for smallies. Despite dismal (cold, rainy) conditions, good success at both spots. A dozen largemouths on Kahle, mostly on Texas-rigged Case Magic Stiks. Water temperature was 54 degrees, with the lake down about two feet. Another dozen smallmouth during the p.m outing. Case Sinkin' Salty Shad and Magic Stiks. Water temp down to 50 degrees. Too rainy to bring out the camera for photos.

River Guide Jeff
10-14-2009 6:04:45 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 14 Another good day on the middle Allegheny. 30 plus smallmouth, including a 4 pound, 4 ounce brute. All on Case Sinkin' Salty Shad and Case Magic Stiks. Water temp down to 51 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
10-11-2009 6:00:33 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 11 A good afternoon followed a slow morning. About 30 smallmouth bass up to 18 inches, plus five walleyes (four legals, one short one). Both soft and hard jerkbaits. River in nice shape, with little in the way of floating weeds or leaves. Just a touch of color.

River Guide Jeff
10-03-2009 6:14:15 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 3 Another solid early fall outing on the Allegheny. Guests and I boated 25 smallmouth and two walleyes during a half-day outing. The biggest smallmouth went 3 pounds, nine ounces; and 3 pounds, 14 ounces (19 inches). Lots of bass in the 14 to 16 inch range. Walleyes went 17 and 20 inches. Best bass bait was Case Sinkin' Salty Shad.

River Guide Jeff
10-02-2009 6:04:18 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 2 Good day on the southern Venango County portion of the Allegheny. Client and guide landed 45 smallies, and two walleyes. A bunch of bass in the 18.75 to 16 inch range. Water temperature is dropping, kicking the fall bite into gear. All bass on Case Sinkin' Salty Shad and Rapala X-Raps. River level up about a foot from previous days thanks to recent rain. Far less floating grass than what was experienced last week during scouting trips.

River Guide Jeff
09-22-2009 2:38:14 PM CST

Fishing Update -- Sept.22 The last month has flown by! Here's a recap of fishing activity: Following a summer that had lots of higher, stained water things (which produced a lot of nice smallies) things got low and clear. Guide trips produced smallmouth up to 17 inches in the clearer water. Case Sinking Salty Shad have been the go-to bait most days. The most recent guide trip was on Keystone Lake. The decent early morning bite was got slow when the sun came up and ushered in a windless, cloudless day. Most of the largemouths -- up to 2.5 pounds -- came on Sinking Salty Shad fished over the tops of the coontail and cabbage beds. Water temperatures are dropping into the 60s. River smallies will stay in their summer patterns another three weeks or so, depending on the weather, then begin moving to fall spots and slower water. Walleyes and muskies will begin showing up with more regularity as well.

River Guide Jeff
08-24-2009 3:30:37 PM CST

River Report -- Aug 24 Did a quick scouting trip to check on the smallies in the East Brady area. We caught a dozen or so in about two hours. Nothing real big, but a half-dozen or so around two pounds. River is still heavily stained, but on the drop.

River Guide Jeff
08-24-2009 8:12:14 AM CST

Fishing Report -- Aug 21 With the river level bouncing up and down like a yo-yo the past week or so, I took the opportunity to hit a couple of the local lakes for largemouths. Both Wilhelm and Kahle put out some nice bass. Bigger average size on Wilhelm, but higher numbers on Kahle. Biggest Wilhelm bass was 5.5 pounds; Kahle produced a 3.75 pound bigmouth, along with one that looked to be between four and five pounds lost on a jump. The stringy, slimy, all-around-nasty weed that had much of Kahle's shallows chocked up this spring and summer is gone. Some nice stands of milfoil/coontail weed remain, along with some eelgrass in tight to shore. The lake color had a algae stain. We boated around 40 largemouths during a six hour session.

River Guide Jeff
08-13-2009 7:44:35 PM CST
River Report -- Aug 11 Heavy rain up in Warren County put a lot of water in the river. Water up about 1.5 feet when we started; up another 1.5 feet during the day, and much dirtier. The dramatic rise shut the river fish down. We did catch a a few bass and a nice walleye by working up a tributary that was running clear.

River Guide Jeff
08-10-2009 7:53:41 PM CST

River Report -- Aug 10 About 40 smallies up to 17 inches landed today during a full-day guide trip. Slow during the morning but picked up in the afternoon. Water much clearer and getting back down to typical summertime levels. Fish taken on a variety of baits including Sinking Salty Shad, Lake Fork swimbaits, Texas-rigged crayfish imitations, drop-shot tubes and spinnerbaits. Heavy rains in Warren County forecast to raise river during the next few days.

River Guide Jeff
08-10-2009 7:49:44 PM CST

River Report -- Aug 6 Evening scouting trip. River clearing up after two weeks of higher, dirty water. Still a few fish on swimbaits, but most on Live Magic Shad swimbaits and Case Sinking Salty Shad. About 20 smallies up to 18 inches, and one walleye.

08-07-2009 12:03:47 PM CST
Jeff is by far the most knowledgeable fisherman I have ever encountered.Very articulate,good comunicator and fun.He has certainly mastered his craft.In addition to the bass and natural beauty of the Allegheny, Jeff's wholesome personality made the day a perfect 10. JOHN GRIECO, Las Vegas, NV

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